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Do Gaming Routers Need a Modem?

Many people enjoy using gaming WIFI routers, but they want to ensure that the game that they are playing won’t start lagging because of their internet connection.

This has led many people to wonder if they really need to have a modem when they have a gaming WIFI router.

Do Gaming Routers Need a Modem?

Modems are essential for gaming routers because they take the internet signal and make it possible for the router to use that signal. All WIFI routers need a modem in order to function. If you have a good modem that provides top speeds, then you may not need extra settings found on gaming routers such as QoS which allows you to tweak when and where devices get bandwidth so that speeds stay high and latency is reduced.

What is the difference between a modem and a gaming router?

Both a modem and a gaming router are needed for optimal gaming. The modem translates your ISP’s data into a signal that your router then translates into an internet connection for your devices. A router typically offers more customizable features than a modem, but both should be able to provide top speeds and support 802.11ac technology.

The main difference between a modem and a gaming router is that modems typically do not have as many features as routers or the ability to prioritize traffic as routers do. Additionally, modems tend to be less expensive than routers since they don’t offer as many features or performance capabilities as routers do.



Brings Internet to your home

Brings Internet to your devices

Has public IP address

Assigns local IP addresses

Uses a WAN network

Creates a LAN network


Is it better to have a modem router combo?

Yes, it is better to have a modem router combo. The modem router combo is an excellent choice for gamers of all types, as it is easy to set up and relatively cheap. Using a separate modem and router allows you to pick the best devices with the right features for your needs, instead of being stuck with whatever device your ISP gives you.

Furthermore, avoiding renting your ISP’s modem/router can save money on monthly fees. Finally, the convenience factor of having only one device overall makes it even more appealing than using two separate devices.

What kind of modem and router do I need for gaming? (Modem-Router Combos)

1. Surfboard SBG7600AC2 ARRIS

The ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 is a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem that can deliver up to 686 Mbps of download speeds. It also features dual-band concurrent 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points, which provide up to 1600 Mbps of bandwidth for faster internet connections.

The SBG7600AC2 is a good choice for gaming because it has 32×8 downstream and upstream channels that provide incredibly fast and uninterrupted browsing and gaming experiences. Additionally, it has anti-jamming capacities for stable service delivery, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay with no lag or delay issues. The modem router also comes with 2x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports which are ideal for expanding wired connections throughout your home or office space. Lastly, its compatibility with major US cable providers means you can rely on this modem/router combo when choosing an internet service provider (ISP).

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7800

The Netgear Nighthawk C7800 is a 2-in-1 ultra-high speed DOCSIS 3.1 modem router that provides up to 3200 Mbps internet speeds. It’s perfect for extreme online gaming, 24/7 browsing, and 4k video streaming due to its powerful 1.5GHz dual processor and 128MB flash, and 512MB RAM.

The Nighthawk C7800 is a good choice for gaming because it provides lightning-fast Ethernet connection speeds which are faster than ever before. Additionally, the modem router has an integrated NAT firewall which provides double firewall protection as well as Wi-Fi-protected access (WPA/WPA2 – privacy support).

This ensures optimal security while gaming online so that you can have uninterrupted gameplay without any lag or interruptions from hackers or other cyber threats.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

The Netgear Nighthawk C7000 is a modem router combo that features a 1.6 GHz processor, 1.9 Gbps of internet speeds, and ultra-fast cable internet. It provides a gigabit wired connection for gaming and streaming at the highest possible quality, as well as beamforming technology to ensure a stable connection even in crowded areas.

The Nighthawk C7000 is an excellent choice for gaming due to its powerful components that provide fast internet speeds perfect for gaming or streaming content online. Its sleek design makes it suitable for modern houses or gaming rooms, while the ethernet ports allow you to connect your consoles and enjoy uninterrupted playtime all day long.

Furthermore, its advanced beamforming technology ensures your connection stays strong even when there are multiple devices connected at once – perfect if you have friends over who want to join in on some multiplayer action.

How to choose the best modem and router for gaming

Research modems and routers for gaming

Consider the needs of a gamer when researching modems and routers. Look for features such as high speeds, low latency and ping, traffic management, and support for 802.11ac.

Consider the type of console or PC you use as well as how many platforms you game on to find a modem or router with multiple channels or ports that can accommodate all your devices.

Research customer reviews to get an idea of what other gamers think about different modems and routers on the market before making your decision based on their experiences with them in terms of performance and value for money spent on each product..

Make sure you get a modem and router that are compatible with each other

When choosing a modem and router that are compatible with each other for gaming, it is important to make sure that they are both compatible with your current ISP. Some ISP-provided cable modems do not offer pass-through connectivity, so it is important to research what options are available to you.

When choosing a modem and router that are compatible with each other for gaming, it is important to make sure that they are both compatible with your current ISP.

Some ISP-provided cable modems do not offer pass-through connectivity, so it is important to research what options are available to you before making a purchase decision. Additionally, combining modem and router into one device may have its drawbacks as well (such as decreased performance).

Invest in powerful modems and routers that have the speed you need

When choosing a powerful modem and router for gaming, it is important to consider factors such as the speed of your internet connection, and the ability of the devices to prioritize gaming traffic and minimize lag or latency.

Renting a modem and router from your internet service provider may not provide you with the best devices or optimize your connection for gaming purposes.

Additionally, renting typically limits your flexibility in terms of upgrading or switching plans in order to get faster speeds. Owning your own equipment gives you more control over how it is used as well as better overall devices than what you would get from renting from an ISP.

Consider features like range, speed, and security precautions

When choosing a modem and router for gaming, it is important to consider the speeds and standards supported by each device. For modems, this includes their upload and download speeds in Mbps (megabits per second).

For routers, it includes its performance, supported speeds, latency, and ping. Furthermore, routers should also have traffic management features such as prioritization which can help increase internet performance when multiple smart devices are connected at once.

However, even with a Gig speed internet connection, there are many factors that influence your network’s performance so it is important to keep these in mind when setting up your gaming setup. It is recommended that you test out different settings such as channel bandwidths or changing antennas if needed in order to optimize your WiFi speed for gaming purposes.

Consider budget, size, and style preferences

When choosing a modem and router for gaming, it is important to consider the speed and reliability of the connection. Both modems and routers should offer high-speed internet connections that can handle multiple users gaming at once without lag or dropouts.

However, modems are primarily responsible for providing internet access, while routers are responsible for broadcasting that signal throughout your home network. Therefore, it is important to choose a modem with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities if you plan on using it with a router. Additionally, routers allow you to customize settings such as security and parental controls so you can better manage your network usage.


Do I Need a High-Quality Modem When Gaming?

Yes, you do need a high-quality modem when gaming. The modem is what translates the signals sent by your internet service provider (ISP) into something that can be understood by your gaming device. Without a high-quality modem, your game will lag due to poor translation of these signals.

This is especially noticeable if you are not the only one using the WIFI network at the time. Additionally, looking for modems with higher speeds and more channels can help reduce lagging even further as these factors influence how quickly data can be transmitted between devices.

Can I use a gaming router without a modem?

You can, but you won’t enjoy full internet functionality. If you want to use the internet with your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need a modem and an ISP. You can connect your computer to the internet using a router without a modem, but this will reduce your online capabilities.

Do I need a gaming modem or router?

When it comes to modem vs router for gaming, you’ll need good speeds from both to optimize your gaming experience. The modem translates your ISP’s data into a signal that your router translates into an internet connection for your devices. It is generally recommended that you match the speeds of the modem and router and opt for more control like QoS to tweak when and where devices get bandwidth in order to keep speeds up and reduce latency.

Are Modems and Routers the Same?

Modems and routers are both devices that are used to connect to the Internet. They can be combined into a 2-in-1 device called a modem router (or modem router combo). Modems connect directly to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and extend the connection to multiple devices. Routers enable wireless signals throughout your home/office/gaming dungeon and can also combine with modems into one device.

Should You Get a Modem, Modem, and Router, or a Modem Router?

When deciding between a modem, modem, and router, or a modem router (combo), you should consider your situation and needs.

If you just need to connect to the internet and do not plan on using multiple devices at once or having a wireless signal throughout your home/office/gaming dungeon, then a modem is all you need.

If you plan on connecting multiple devices at once or have an extensive wireless coverage area that needs to be covered, then it may be beneficial to purchase both a modem and router.

Finally, if convenience is important to you and you don’t want to deal with two separate devices in your home/office/gaming dungeon then opting for a modem router combo is an option worth considering.

Do I Need a Modem if I Have a Router?

Yes, a modem is still needed if you have a router. A modem provides an internet signal, while a router broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal to allow your devices to communicate wirelessly with the modem (and with each other). The modem is needed to communicate with devices outside of your network via the internet.

No, you do not need separate modems and routers if you have an advanced combination unit such as Xfinity’s Wireless Gateways that combines both functions into one powerful gadget. These multi-functional machines provide all the power needed for the Internet usage without having to deal with two separate devices.

What is the best internet modem for gaming?

The best internet modem for gaming will balance price with speed and extra features that let you prioritize your usage to enhance your game. For example, the Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200 offers top speeds of up to 1 Gbps along with DOCSIS 3 compatibility and security protocols that ensure a reliable connection for intense gaming sessions. Additionally, it has multiple Ethernet ports allowing users to connect multiple devices without any slowdown in speed.



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